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                                       "And you realize that every moment

                                       you are a full statement of your being."

Dedication to yoga is an evolving path ~ even having stepped through the doors of beginner to practitioner to teacher, the growth continues.

The path of Aiyana Yoga continues to be strengthened through ongoing exposure, collaboration and education, direct community involvement and a commitment to connecting personally with the ever-available energy and gifts that a conscious practice of yoga yields.

Aiyana Yoga is a commitment to my community to remain aligned with operating at full potential, allowing the highest contribution to be made through the gifts and talents bestowed of me. 

                                                   "Pretty fierce journey

                                                 Pretty fierce requirement

                                                     We want volunteers."

Quotes in this section from Be Here Now by Ram Dass

Meet Elizabeth ~

St. Petersburg, Florida



Miss McConnell was born in Long Beach, CA and raised in the beautiful state of North Carolina.  Encouraged from childhood to lead an active lifestyle, Elizabeth excelled in organized sports as well as water-skiing and swimming.  She studied Biology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and continues to build upon that foundation to this day by pursuing health and philosophy courses through local colleges, workshops and her love for in-depth research and reading.  Miss McConnell spent over five years in the investment industry working with some of the greatest financial minds of southeastern Virginia and the United States for that matter!  Soon however she realized how important to her was the utilization of all her true talents and gifts to help those in the community.  The completion of a Yoga Alliance Certified 200 hour teacher training program in Virginia Beach in 2009 not only deepened her own personal yoga practice but allotted her the credentials necessary to helping others awaken to and operate from their highest potential.  It is with a consistent practice and honor of the human condition that Elizabeth humbly presents herself as a conveyer of the great truths of yoga.   Miss McConnell carries with her a philosophy that life is most fully and well-lived when operating at one’s highest and best potential.  It is her intention to communicate this idea and display to others that through dedication to a higher path, true happiness and the spoils of life are ours for the conscious taking. With her insatiable thirst for knowledge and love for those around her, Elizabeth most happily reports that she will be using these precious days to learn and grow and educate those around her.    

                                            “The joy of living is his

                                   who has the heart to demand it.” 

                                               -Teddy Roosevelt

Whats in a name?

AIYANA ~ Native American name meaning ever-blooming or forever flowering

Many years ago as the winds in Elizabeth's life began to change direction, she found herself opening up to a new path.  This lead to a great self-exploration from the depths of soul to the mountain tops of Montana, eyes and heart open, a student to every sound and image.  Under consideration came many adventures, one idea to follow in the footsteps of many family member before her and move closer to the sea, living primarily aboard a sail boat.  Many hours went into the research of this endeavor, including the limitless possibilities of naming such an ideal.  How do you name new territory? Or describe in a word lightness balanced with commitment?  What do you call alignment to your path?  A lifelong love of verbal and written prose lead to Elizabeth happily researching and recording ideas and words and names.  She moved through inspiration from her ancestral heritage and studied Irish, Bohemian, Polish, German and finally Native American languages.  As the letters forming the name Aiyana flowed from the ink of her pen, she recalls realizing instantly that this was a word of great value to her.  It was a toss-up between naming the vessel after her Grandmother Audrea and the Native American name Aiyana, meaning ever-blooming or forever-flowering.

Elizabeth continued to enjoy land-based living yet somehow years later, during the very hours the foundational work for the life-project and business of teaching yoga were being forged, the research notebook containing the vessel notes and names was shuffled to the top of the pile.  One glance at the list and the name Aiyana once again shined.  It's definition is not only the root philosophy of the entity of Aiyana Yoga, it serves as its name and very structure.  When living from the heart, rooted in peace and emanating love, one is truly forever flowering.

The following is a true story of how a dream of living aboard a sailboat rendered a name that represents and continues to inspire a path of heart and a life-project...