Seek the path that demands your whole being ~ Rumi

destination yoga


St. pETE outdoors

Miles of endless beaches offering to you Florida's virtue ~ white sands, clear, therapeutic waters ~  Where the unnecessary

melts away ~ What better place to find yourself...  Check out one of Aiyana Yoga's beach classes or schedule a private class for you and yours.

Our beautiful, bustling city has nearly 250,000 people calling St. Petersburg home.  We are an urban metropolis full of contributors handling the pace of the new millennium.Gift yourself with the tools to remain rooted in well-being and operating at full potential.

Your neighbors aren't just the Jones'.  They're the folks just next door: waking up with their family, moving through the days at the blinding speed of society, laying their heads down at night just feet away from yours.  Meet them on the mat today.

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St. Petersburg, Florida


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